Go beyond standard coding assessments.

Make faster and more reliable decisions on top talent with the world’s first AI-powered coding assessment tool that predicts future workplace performance.

Predictive Assessment helps you to:

Speed up your developer hiring with automation and robust technical assessment

Identify the candidates with the highest potential to outperform in your organization

Rely on data-driven technology which adapts to your evolving talent needs

Predictive Reporting

  • Based on machine learning and BlueOptima’s worldwide benchmark of 390,000+ professional software developers:

  • Predict Productivity using Billable Coding Effort – An objective metric of developer productivity (scored out of 5) standardized across 70+ languages.

  • Predict Maintainability of the code delivered by the developer relative to Global or your Enterprise Standards.

Deep Code and Behaviour Analysis

  • Beyond the correct output, understand how robust candidate’s solutions are, and how efficiently they consume processing power and memory.

  • Coding assessments that are designed to assess real-world software development problems found in enterprise settings rather than academic curricula.

Job role & candidate management

Intuitive platform for Candidate Management according to your hiring process and funnel. Organize candidates into Job Roles and mirror your internal hiring processes.

Programming Languages

Skills tested

We are here to help you to build talented teams at scale.

Remote & Offshore Hiring that you can trust

Trust the results thanks to our multi-tiered imposter checks and plagiarism detection.

Screen at scale without compromise

Reduce the time spent on interviewing candidates' whose technical skills do not fit your company needs.

Build inclusive teams with data

AI technology allows for objective and equitable recruiting that only considers technical aptitude and coding behaviour.

Top quality candidates

Optimise for quick onboarding for short-term contracts, or good code maintainability for long-term engagements.

Get more value for money

Compared with other products in the market

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Predictive Asssessment