How to Ensure You Hire the Best Problem Solvers

Get started for free How to Ensure You Hire the Best Problem Solvers Almost every software developer job description includes problem-solving as a core skill requirement, and for good reason. Building effective features and applications requires developers to use creativity and logical thought process to resolve a specific user issue.  With strong problem-solvers on your […]

How to Hire the Right Employees

Mis-hires cost businesses time and money. Discover how to successfully recruit software developers in our guide and find out how BlueOptima can help.

Talent Retention: How To Retain Your Organisation’s Top Software Developers

talent retention in tech

Get started for free Talent Retention: How To Retain Top Software Developers The software development landscape is changing rapidly, and the demand for software developers is growing. Recruiting high-quality talent and helping engineering teams to remain adaptive to new technologies are significant challenges for CTOs. The technology industry has the highest turnover rate for any […]

Why Are There So Few Female Software Developers?

Female software developer in the workforce

A lack of diversity can limit an organisation’s innovation. Therefore, senior managers must do more to support diversity and realise the competitive advantage diversity can bring software development team dynamics and productivity rates of development. It is commonly known within the technology industry that men dominate software development roles. A 2020 global software developer survey […]

Software Developer Recruitment: How Companies Can Avoid Mis-Hires

avoiding mis-hire (software developers)

Organisations that have large scale software development operations need accessible tools (online coding test platforms) to source, assess and recruit qualified software developers. To accomplish software developer recruitment goals, hiring managers and technical recruiters must employ high-quality software developers who are the right fit and avoid a costly mis-hire. In most organisations, the first step […]

Coding Tests: The Rise Of Code Assessment Platforms And Software Developer Recruitment

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Despite the pandemic, software developer recruitment and filling business-critical technical roles remains a necessity. Recruitment consultancy firm Morgan Mckinley told “Software engineers, IT auditors, cybersecurity experts and data and analytics professionals will continue to be in demand.” A Randstad Key Talent Impacted By COVID-19 report observed that data and software development roles saw an […]